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Excavation & Trenching

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What we do

Excavation, dirt (front, back, side yards, retainer walls, footings for foundations, additions and houses) *technical grading in tight access areas, building/home site pads, fully automatic computer controlled Laser operated grading for pads and slopes +/- 1/4", laser assisted excavating with machine mounted laser recievers and wireless in cab displays to make your job completed as quickly as possible, *Drilling with a track excavator or front loader 12" to 30" dia up to 15' deep, *Trenching with 8,000 lb, 12,000 or 19,000 lb track excavators, *Site/slope Drainage, *Installation of Underground Utilities, *Concrete & asphalt Demolition/Removal with either a front loader or track excavator for those hard to reach demolition jobs, *tree stump removal, *equipment transportation, *French drains, *Compaction, *Installing base rock & gravel roads, *Landscape removal (trees, lawn, dirt and rocks), *Trucking of dirt and materials on and off site. *Installation of Base rock, Sand, Gravel, concrete cutting. *Drainage Systems (gravity flow or with underground electrical pumps), *Swimming Pool abandonments and/or complete Swimming pool removals w/95% compaction for new construction.